May 20, 2024


Joseph Kokumu

Joseph Kokumu is a seasoned monitoring and evaluation and research expert with a background in epidemiology and statistics and experience in public health. Currently serving as a Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Associate at Amref Health Africa in Kenya, Joseph plays a key role in enhancing research and monitoring processes within the organization.  Joseph holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics and Statistics from Egerton University and is currently pursuing a Master of Public Health Degree in Epidemiology and Biostatistics at Amref International University , Master of Science in Digital Transformation at Nexford University, MSc in Data Science at the University of East London. Joseph’s research interest is in public health, especially Disease Control and Prevention, Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, and a strong passion for exploring mental health issues. Joseph has a wealth of experience in monitoring and evaluation, research design, data management, data analysis, and data visualization, and is dedicated to leveraging data for evidence-based decision-making. He plays a pivotal role in the Amref Ethics and Scientific Review Committee (ESRC) ensuring that ethical research practices are upheld not only within Amref Health Africa but also across other organizations. He is an active member of the Bioethics Society of Kenya, contributing to the advancement of ethical research practices in Kenya and beyond. He is an award-winning creative recognized for his impact in the digital spaces and has presented at numerous workshops and conferences on research and research ethics. Joseph is committed to driving best practices in research, data-driven decision-making, digital transformation. 

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