February 22, 2024
Journalist Enock Sikolia presents the Digitally Fit award to Joseph Kokumu

Joseph Kokumu was recognized and awarded among the digitally fit personalities of the year in the recently concluded Digitally Fit Awards 2023, held on August 18, 2023 at Movenpick Hotel, Nairobi. This award was in recognition of his efforts to create an impactful online presence.

The Digitally Fit Awards seeks to recognize and reward companies, brands, businesses and individuals who have an online presence and are creating an impact online through their website, social media presence and online visibility.

Every Year, the Digitally Fit Awards separately holds two events; The Business of the Year Awards, for Businesses and Companies creating an impact online, and The Person of the Year Awards, which is meant to identify, recognize and award individuals as brands, including industry icons, stars, influencers and top personalities who are creating an impact online through their online portfolios.

The 2023 Digitally Fit Person of the Year award ceremony featured several prominent personalities, including Charlene Ruto and Erick Omondi, CEO of Oracom Web Solutions LTD Alphone Juma, among others, and was presided over by Dr Ezekiel Mutua, the CEO of the Music Copyright Society of Kenya. 


The awards ceremony also featured insightful panel discussions and speeches, where several key takeaways emerged:

  • Establishing an influential online presence is important for businesses and individual brands seeking to make a meaningful impact. The vastness of the online landscape provides an unparalleled platform to connect with an unlimited audience. A crucial step in this journey to becoming #digitallyfit is the development of a professional website.
  • Consistency and authenticity in content creation are essential for driving impact and growth in the online space. Genuine engagement with the audience builds trust and lasting relationships.
  • Embracing good morals and ethical practices on social media and other online platforms is essential to for cultivating a secure space that nurtures progress and productive feedback. Recognizing the potential impact of our words on the recipient’s mental and emotional well-being, as well as their families, should guide our online interactions. Before commenting, we should ask ourselves if our input is necessary, useful, and kind.
  • Many women hesitate to fully utilize the online space due to concerns about cyber bullying and unjust judgment. It is vital for online platform users to treat women with respect and acknowledge their significant role in driving positive change in the society.
  • Creatives in the digital space play a pivotal role in boosting demand for corporate products and services, given the longevity of their content’s relevance and their ability to connect personally with the audience. However, creatives must ensure that the image and content they create align with the identity of the companies they represent, to maximize the impact of their campaigns.
  • There is need to adopt the available digital solutions developed in Kenya, to strengthen our country’s online identity.

The Digitally Fit Awards 2023 not only provided valuable insights into the importance of establishing a strong online presence, utilising available local digital solutions, and embracing authenticity, ethical conduct, and inclusivity in the digital space, but also recognized and awarded individuals with the best online portfolios, based on public votes, expert analysis and website test scores.

As a research professional, Joseph continues to utilise the digital space to promote ethical practices in public health research as well as share his expertise and knowledge products.  Also, as a CCM Creative this is an encouragement to continue creating content that will inspire this and future generations to lead purposeful lives deeply rooted in faith.

Digitally Fit Awards Pictorial

About the Writer:

Joseph Kokumu is a public health researcher, bioethics and M&E specialist. He plays a pivotal role in the Amref Ethics and Scientific Review Committee (ESRC) ensuring that ethical research practices are upheld not only within Amref Health Africa but also across other organizations. Joseph is an active member of the Bioethics Society of Kenya, contributing to the advancement of ethical research practices in Kenya and beyond.

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